dr_midnite (dr_midnite) wrote,

Dragonlance the Movie

After watching Beowulf I thought to myself, with a decent screenwriter they could really make a good go of making a Dragonlance movie (or three). The effects would be amazing and the animation is at a level now that you could get a really decent looking movie out of it. Like I said you'd need to good script writer to clean up the often trite language of the books, but the story itself as a whole is solid and enjoyable.

But who would play the heroes? As proved in Beowulf where they made Ray winston into a 6ft5 muscled warrior, while still retaining enough to be recognisable as Ray Winston you could have any living actor to play the parts. Ages could be changed by the animation and even races could be adapted. You could even have the same actor as the basis for both twins...My first thought was Gary Oldman playing both Majere brothers.

I have more ideas as to who I'd cast but I'm interested in your thoughts first...
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