dr_midnite (dr_midnite) wrote,

Youtube finds of the week - Greatest Mashups

Mashup: The joining of two different styles of song to make one glorious whole (with a 'w'.)

This week, some of my favourites as found on Youtube.

You may think "OH NO! WHY!!!" But take some time to listen to them then make a decision.

1. Bad Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr Vs Michael Jackson

2. Boulevard of Wonder Walls - Green Day Vs Oasis

3. Slow my Bitch Up - Kylie Vs The Prodigy

4.Every Car you Chase - The Police Vs Snow Patrol

5. Sweet Child like These - Foo Fighters Vs Guns N Roses

And Just for Fun....a Movie trailer: Lord of The Matrix (and not the Matrix you're thinking of!)

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