dr_midnite (dr_midnite) wrote,

I'm 'ere ta Kiw Yor Mornstah! - Beowulf 3D!

Went to see Beowulf last night...in 3D! An excellent film I thought. Graphics fantasic, performances from Ray Winston (although his accent grated a little to start with), Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie.

There were some interesting points regarding the animation....

- Grendal actually looked like Crispin Glover...while still reamining a fish-Zombie.
- Animated Angelina Jolie is much finer than Actual Angelina Jolie is at the moment (it was nice to see Angie with her curves back for once).
- And 6ft 5, Muscled, blonde, beefcake Beowulf still managed to 'be' Ray Winstone...

Go and see it...its ace.
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